REVISED 12/14/04


DECEMBER 15-16, 2004



Agenda Items to be Considered



1.  Minutes of the November 3-4, 2004 Board Meeting




2.  Institutional and Board Office Personnel Transactions




3.  Final Approval of FY 2006 Tuition (Revised 12/10/04)




4.  Economic Development and Technology Transfer Report




5.  Special Schools Strategic Plans


     a.  Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School
     b.    Iowa School for the Deaf



6.  Status Report of Administrative Efficiencies


     a.  Status of Internal Reviews  (Revised 12/10/04)
     b.  Future Anticipated Reviews




7.  Report on Public Radio Study


        Attachment - Iowa Public Radio Final Report



8.  Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements




9.   Legislative Report


                  Indigent Patient Care Program


10. Final Approval of Revision to the Board of Regents
      Policy Manual – All of Chapter 9 excluding Capital




11. Adoption of Administrative Rule




12. Committee Report – Education and Student Affairs




13. Committee Report—Investment Committee




14. Committee Report—Human Resources




15. Kinnick Stadium Renovation  


      a.      Update on Capital Campaign, Sale of Premium
            Seating and Construction Bids Received to Date
            Proposed Property Sale
      b.      Purchase and Financing of New Kinnick
            Stadium Scoreboard
      c.      Preliminary Resolution for the Sale of up to
            $25,000,000 Athletic Facilities Revenue Bonds,
            Series S.U.I. 2005
      d.      Renaming of the Plaza on the South Side of Kinnick  



16. Miscellaneous University of Iowa Items


      a.       Property Purchase
      b.      Naming of Vaughan Institute of Risk Management
             and Insurance
      c.       Campus Chilled Water System Review and
             Proposed Improvements




17. Miscellaneous Iowa State University Items


  a.    Purchase of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
       Spectrometers for Chemistry Department





18. Miscellaneous University of Northern Iowa Items

      a.      Proposed Property Sale




19. Institutional Registers of Capital Improvement Business


a.        University of Iowa (large file)


b.       Iowa State University


c.        University of Northern Iowa


d.        ISD


e.        IBSSS




20. Iowa State Center Report




21. Conflict of Interest




22. Student Organization Appeal (ISU)




23. Employee Appeal (UNI)




24. Appointments to Committees (posted 12/9/04)

Report of the Economic Development Committee
      (posted 12/14/04)

Board Meetings Schedule:


February 2-3, 2005                     University of Iowa                                   Iowa City

March 14-15, 2005                     Iowa State University                              Ames

May 4-5, 2005                            IBSSS/Location to be determined          Vinton/Cedar                                                                                                                        Rapids

June 13-14, 2005                       Iowa School for the Deaf                        Council Bluffs

August 3-4, 2005                       Location to be determined                      Davenport

September 14-15, 2005             University of Northern Iowa                    Cedar Falls

November 2-3, 2005                  University of Iowa                                   Iowa City

December 14-15, 2005              Iowa State University                              Ames