MARCH 14-15, 2005




Agenda Items to be Considered






1.  a.  Minutes of the December 29, 2004 Telephonic Conference Call



b.    Minutes of the February 2-3, 2005 Board Meeting    (added 03/11/05)






2.  Institutional Personnel Transactions   






3.  Legislative Update (addendum 03/11/05)






4.  Report on Universities' Five-Year Strategic Plans



     a.  SUI



     b.  ISU



     c.  UNI






5.  Governance Report on University Residence Systems






6.  Proposed Miscellaneous Fees and Charges






7.  Proposed Parking Rates and Policy Manual Revisions






8.  Status Report on Implementation of Iowa Public Radio






9.  Quarterly Review of Conflict of Interest






10. Institutional Agreements, Leases and Easements






11. Education and Student Affairs Committee Report






12. Investment Committee Report






13. Human Resources Committee Report






14.  Economic Development Committee Report




  15. Resolutions for the Sale and Award of $15,200,000 Academic Building Revenue
      Refunding Bonds, Series SUI 2005




  16. Resolutions for the Sale of $5,110,000 Academic Building Revenue Refunding
      Bonds, Series UNI 2005




  17. Preliminary Resolutions for the Sale of up to $11,100,000 SUI Memorial Union
      Revenue Bonds, Series SUI 2005




  18. Preliminary Resolution for the Sale of up to $7,700,000 Field House Revenue
      Refunding Bonds, Series UNI




  19.  Register of Capital Improvement Business Transactions: SUI        




  20.  Ratification of Appointments by the President






21.  University of Northern Iowa Human Performance Complex




  22.  Two Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters - University of Northern Iowa