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   1.06      Interinstitutional Committees               

                A.     Council of Provosts 

                The Council of Provosts shall consist of the Provost from each of the three universities, appointed by the Board upon nomination of their respective presidents.  An ex-officio representative of the Board Office will be appointed by the Executive Director. 

                The function of the Council shall be to study such aspects of the relationships of the teaching, research, and service programs of the institutions as may be referred to it by the Board, the Education and Student Affairs Committee or that may come to its attention from other sources from time to time. 

                The Council shall report directly to the Education and Student Affairs Committee and its report shall, in each case in which Board action is considered desirable, embody its recommendation in a form appro­priate for such action, or be only factual if so directed.  In case of disagreement among the members of the Council, majority and minority reports and recommendations may be submitted to the Education and Student Affairs Committee. 

                In order that the presidents of the three universities may be fully informed and may register agreement or disagreement with the terms of any report of the Council at the Education and Student Affairs Committee meeting at which the report is to be presented, the Council of Provosts shall, not less than 10 days before submission of report, furnish a copy of the report to the presidents of the three universities.  When majority and minority reports are submitted, each president shall be furnished with a copy of both.  

                The Council shall nominate its own chairperson to serve a two-year term. That name shall be submitted to the President of the Board who shall appoint the Chair. 

                The following committees serve under the direction of the Council of Provosts and report to the Council of Provosts.  The Council of Provosts shall assign duties and responsibilities to each committee. 

1.      Committee on Library Cooperation

2.      Regent Committee on Educational Relations 

3.      State Extension, Continuing Education and Distance Education Council                

                B.    Committee on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity  

                The Committee on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity shall consist of two representatives from each of the institutions and the Board Office.  The members shall be appointed by the Board upon nomination of their respective institutional heads and the Board Office.  Their term of office shall be two years. 

                        The responsibilities of the committee shall be as follows: 

                        1.     To organize and name its chairperson.  The term of chairperson shall be one year and the office shall rotate among the institutions. 

                        2.     To meet periodically to develop common guidelines and general procedures for administration for Regent policies on equal employment opportunities and to exchange pertinent information. 

                        3.     To cooperate to minimize duplicative reporting as required by the Regent Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. 

                        4.     To prepare an annual report for presentation to the Executive Director who may include the report in the annual report on AA/EEO. 

                        The committee shall seek the advice and assistance of the following: 

                        1.     Specialized personnel from each higher education institution who will act as consultants as needed. 

                        2.     The Iowa Civil Rights Commission. 

3.      Affected and interested employees, associations, groups, and organizations, such as human relations groups, labor organizations, and associations of manufacturers, contractors, and retailers, as may be appropriate and necessary in development and implementation of guidelines, procedures, and policies.