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     1.11      Naming 


A.  All proposed honorary names of facilities, properties, or university units (except minor facilities as defined below) owned or operated by the five Regent institutions, including UIHC, or the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, must have specific Board of Regents approval prior to naming. “Major Units” include entire buildings, wings of buildings, colleges, programs and large sections of campus. “Minor Units” include campus areas or sections of facilities (e.g., rooms, labs, open spaces, streets, structures, physical features, etc.) Naming of Minor Units or functional names of Major Units (e.g. Physics Building, Chemistry Building) may be approved by the institutional head and do not require Board of Regents approval. 


B. Before proceeding with any naming, all circumstances surrounding the naming must be carefully considered, including the overall benefit to the institution, whether the name is and will continue to be a positive reflection on the institution, and whether the name comports with the purpose and mission of the Board of Regents and its institutions.


C. The Board may name facilities, properties or university units in honor of persons (living or deceased) or, entities such as a business or foundation. Examples of the categories of persons and entities eligible include: 


1. Alumni with close ties to the institution. 


2. Distinguished Iowans. 


3. Persons who have made an outstanding contribution to a field of study, discipline, university, the State of Iowa, the nation or world. 


4. Donors who have made significant contributions to the institution generally, to a college or major unit, or to a related program. 


5. Donors who have made significant contributions toward construction, renovation and/or the critical programmatic, annual operating, or future capital renewal costs of new, renovated, or other existing facilities. 


6. Employees (presidents, superintendents, faculty staff) – no earlier than two years following the end of employment/appointment or upon death. No unit may be named for a current Regent employee. 


7. Combinations of the above. 


D. Corporate Naming 


Corporate namings require a thorough degree of due diligence to avoid commercial influence or conflict of interest.


E. Institutional Responsibilities 


1. Each institutional head shall regularly inform the President and President Pro Tem of the Board of Regents and the Executive Director of developments relating to any possible naming of a Major Unit.


2. The institution shall: 


a. Ensure that individuals wishing to pursue a gift-based naming opportunity for a Major Unit obtain the permission of the institutional head before any prospective donor is approached; 


b. Consult and coordinate, as needed, with appropriate members of the institution’s community and with the appropriate officials of the applicable fundraising arm of the institution to provide the benefit of the collective institutional memory and perspective with regard to the potential naming;


c. Develop guidelines/rationale to determine the appropriate recognition of a donor, including the contribution threshold for the naming of a Major Unit; 


d. Conduct a thorough “due diligence” review of each donor and the person/entity (if different than the donor) in whose honor the naming is to be made and the implications of the naming for the institution. A thorough due diligence would include, at a minimum: 


1. Review of any potential conflict of interest issues affecting any Regent institution;


2. Review of potential impact upon the academic and research autonomy of the institution;


3. Evaluation of the impact on future giving by the donor or others;


4. Consultation with the Board’s bond counsel to determine whether the naming of the Major Unit could adversely affect existing or future tax-exempt bonds, and if so to what extent; and


5. Consultation with institutional counsel and, to the extent appropriate, counsel for the applicable fundraising arm of the institution to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


e. Utilize a written gift agreement with each donor when the naming of a Major Unit may result (unless this provision is waived by the Board); the agreement must stipulate that, among other items, recognition is subject to the prior approval by the Board of Regents, that it remains subject to applicable policies of the Board, and to subsequent reconsideration by the Board. Reconsideration by the Board may occur in extraordinary circumstances if the prior approved naming may be damaging to the reputation of the Board or the institution; or contradictory to applicable law or to the policies, procedures or strategic objectives of the Board or institution.