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11.4          General Guidelines 

A.      Each institution is to develop and maintain comprehensive plans to assure appropriate guidance and direction in promoting a safe and secure campus environment

B.     Each institution shall have methods for providing timely notification and ongoing communication to campus community members, the Board Office, and Board members regarding pertinent emergency information.

C.     Each institution shall have processes, procedures, staffing, and training in threat assessment and management to facilitate early identification and intervention of individuals who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

D.     Each institution shall have processes and procedures to evaluate and implement appropriate measures to address personal safety and physical security.

E.     Each university shall maintain appropriately trained public safety personnel on campus that includes police officers as well as security personnel.

F.   Each institution shall annually report on the status of safety and security, to include:  mass communications capabilities; threat assessment and management; physical security capabilities; and training of institutional personnel.