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11.7      Threat Assessment and Management

    It is essential that campuses regularly and centrally work to identify
    faculty, staff, and students who may be suffering from mental health
    and/or behavioral problems that may pose safety risks.  The following
    provides a summary of protocols and actions that each institution shall
    implement, as appropriate, to facilitate early identification, assessment,
    and management of individuals who may pose a threat to themselves or

  1. Provide informational sessions to faculty, staff, and students regarding the identification and reporting of individuals who may pose a risk.  Related training should be provided by personnel representing a variety of disciplines, to include:  human resources; counseling services; public safety; and legal counsel.
  2. Utilize staff members who are specially trained in threat assessment and management as well as faculty whose research and teaching interests coincide with this area.
  3. Employ public safety, counseling, and employee assistance staff as identified by institutional needs.
  4. Utilize a multidisciplinary (e.g., academic, law enforcement, mental health) team to share and review information about individuals who may pose a threat.  The team should work collaboratively to develop intervention strategies for individuals who potentially pose a risk to themselves or others.