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2.04    Agendas 

A.       The Board Office shall be responsible for assembling all matters to be brought before the Board, together with all supporting material.  These matters are commonly referred to as the Board’s “agendas” and will be indexed and included in a binder for Board reference. 

1.       Each institution will prepare its own portion of the agenda and forward same, with all supporting material, to the executive director on a schedule provided by the Board Office.  Agenda materials are due in the Board Office by noon of the scheduled day. 

2.      The executive director shall establish and inform the institutions of the composition, and format of all agenda materials.  

B.       Assembled agendas will be mailed to members of the Board approximately one week prior to a Board meeting.  

C.      Only urgent and compelling items shall be brought before the Board after the agenda is released.

D.       Nothing in these instructions will be construed as preventing direct communication by the institutional heads with the Board. 

E.      The agenda of Board meetings will be made available to students, faculty, staff, and the general public through the Board Office, its website, and the public information offices at each institution prior to the Board meeting at which the agenda is to be considered. 

F.        Legislators, the majority and minority leadership in both houses, the Governor’s office, state department heads, and  members of the press are sent notification via e-mail concerning the availability of agenda materials on the Regent website.  This release of information is sent as soon as possible prior to the meeting and at least 24 hours prior to the Board meeting.