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2.07    Presentations to the Board 

A.        Any person (petitioner) may request to make a written or oral presentation to the Board.  All such requests must be in writing and state the specific subject to be discussed and the reasons why a personal appearance is necessary.  Requests may be submitted directly to the Executive Director at any time in advance of the Board meeting at which the petitioner requests to make a written or oral presentation. Requests must be accompanied by any supporting documentation or evidence that the petitioner wishes the Board to consider. The Executive Director shall cause the subject matter of the request to be investigated, including soliciting institutional comment as necessary. The Executive Director will determine, in his/her discretion, whether a request is to be granted and whether such a request for oral presentation is relevant to the business before the Board.  The Executive Director may defer ruling on a request until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board if there is insufficient time to adequately investigate the matter and make a determination as to its appropriateness for Board consideration. If a request is granted, the Executive Director shall notify the petitioner of his/her tentative place on the Board's agenda, and what written materials, if any, the petitioner should provide for Board consideration.

B.       If the Executive Director grants a request, it shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by the Executive Director.