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3.01      Board Office Statement of Mission 

A.   The Board Office provides administrative and professional support to the Board of Regents.  The Board Office has diverse responsibilities, which include review, analysis, and policy recommendations on all matters coming before the Board.  The Board Office  coordinates the distribution of information to the Board of Regents.  Representative responsibilities of the Board Office include the following:  

· Arranges for Board meetings, prepares Board agenda and materials;

· Monitors and interprets Board policy for the Regent institutions;

· Maintains oversight on Regent enterprise-wide policy and operations priorities;

· Administers the Regent Merit System;

· Coordinates collective bargaining;

· Conducts studies, either alone or in association with the institutions and/or other agencies, and reports findings and recommendations;

· Conducts special investigations as directed by the Board;

· Monitors institutional planning and analyses to support the Board’s strategic planning efforts;

· Coordinates and advises the Board regarding enterprise-wide projects and initiatives;

· Assists the Board in institutional head searches;

· Monitors and coordinates legislative matters and interactions with other state agencies;

· Coordinates public affairs activities;

· Coordinates economic development efforts by the Regent institutions;

· Coordinates communication activities and processes;

. Coordinates legal activities;

. Provides information analyses on key issues;

· Performs other duites as determined by the Board of Regents. 

B.   The Executive Director and the Board Office serve as an important extension of the Board Regents.   The Executive Director and the President of the Board serve as the Officers of the Board of Regents.

The Board considers a request from the Board Office to the institutions to be a request from this Board and expects that such requests will be responded to accurately and in a timely manner.  In addition, the Board expects to be kept informed of critical and important happenings at the institutions through timely reporting to the President of the Board and the Executive Director. 

These roles the Board has defined for itself and its Executive Director are the keystones for facilitating the Board’s strategic plan and for achieving the Board’s goal of being a national leader in the governance of public higher education. 

The Board of Regents office is the staff arm of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and is responsible for protecting the academic integrity and autonomy of the institutions, while maintaining institutional accountability.  In executing its duties, the Board Office adopts and embraces the mission, vision, values, and culture expounded by the Board of Regents in its strategic plan.