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4.04         Appointment and Review of Presidents, Superintendents, and Executive Director  

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, is responsible under Iowa Code 262 for the selection and review of institutional heads and the Executive Director.  The following guidelines describe the general process to conduct searches for institutional heads and for the Executive Director, as well as their appointment.  The specific procedures to be used in a given search will be determined by the Board and will reflect the unique environment of the institution or the Board Office.  

A.        All rules, procedures, and policies regarding the search, including, but not limited to, the role, composition, and appointment of a search committee, the time schedule for the search, and the use of consultants shall be established by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.  The election of an institutional head or the Executive Director shall be the sole responsibility of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.  Iowa Code 262.9(2) and Iowa Code 262.9(12).  The process shall provide for:  

1.       Confidentiality of the candidates to the fullest extent possible pursuant to law.  

2.        Participation by institutional constituencies, specifically including the faculty, with respect to the criteria to be used in the selection process and in review of the final candidate for institutional head.  The process for the selection of an Executive Director shall be determined by the Board.  

3.       The process shall be one that can be accomplished within a reasonable period of time set by the Board.  

4.              Affirmative action/equal employment opportunity procedures shall be fully utilized.  

B.    The Board shall, at least annually, conduct performance evaluations of the Presidents, Superintendents, and Executive Director, by processes determined by the Board.