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4.12         Return of University Presidents to Faculty Status 

The selection and retention of university presidents does not differ significantly from the selection and retention of other administrators who are members of the faculty.  Where the presidents are individuals drawn from a faculty, they desire to retain their academic associations.  As in the case of other administrators who are faculty members, personnel and institutional considerations may arise which might make it appropriate for presidents to return to full-time faculty responsibilities.  The opportunity to do this should exist within the university itself.  The Board of Regents regards this as a personnel matter common to administrators who hold faculty rank and wishes to treat the university presidents in the same way as it does other university administrators who have faculty rank.  To this end, the Board acknowledges its faculty commitment to the president and will provide for the return to the faculty of a president.  In doing so, the Board will consider the president’s standing in regard to peers in the discipline and the need for reorientation to the discipline.