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4.20   Span of Control

As required by Iowa Code Subsection 262.9C, the target aggregate ratio of supervisory employees to other employees at institutions governed by the Board of Regents shall  be one to fifteen. 

Exempted from the target aggregate span of control ratio are employees involved with direct patient care, faculty and employees in other areas of the institutions that must maintain different span of control ratios due to federal or state regulations. 

Departments within the Board of Regents enterprise with 28 or fewer full-time equivalent employees may also be granted an exception to this policy by specific approval of the Board of Regents.  The request for an exception shall be brought forward by the institutional human resources offices as a recommendation to the Board.  

On or before April 1 of each year, a report shall be filed with the Governor and the General Assembly detailing the effects of this policy on the composition of the workforce, cost savings, efficiencies and outcomes.  The report shall also identify any department granted an exception by the Board to the policy.  The report shall be compiled using payroll data as of October 1 of each year and shall be submitted to the Board for its approval prior to submission to the Governor and General Assembly.