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4.21         Teacher Contracts (Special Schools) 

          A.     Contracts with teachers must be in writing and state the length of time school is to be taught and the compensation to be paid.  The contract would state the number of working days covered by the contract. 

          B.    Contracts shall remain in effect for the period stated in the contract.  Following a period of three consecutive years (Pursuant to Iowa Code 279.19), the contract shall be automatically in effect for annual periods except as modified or terminated by mutual agreement of the superintendent and the teacher or by dismissal as stated in item D. 

          C.    Changes in compensation for teachers under continuing contract shall be made through modification of contract forms prepared either after appropriations are known or budgets have been approved by the Board of Regents. 

D.        Resignations are to be submitted to the superintendent no later than           April 15 of the year in which the resignation is effective. 

          E.    The superintendents are to use their discretion in the hiring and retention of non-certified teachers.  In addition, non-certified teachers employed continuously for three years shall be subject to the certification requirements in the standard contract. 

          F.     Reduction in Force Policy.  A Reduction In Force (RIF), including a reduction in the number of hours worked by a faculty member, may be proposed by the superintendent of the school to the Board of Regents whenever there is a lack of work, lack of funds, a reorganization, or a change in enrollment. 

Procedures will be developed pursuant to this policy that will guarantee the due process rights of faculty members in accordance with provisions in the Iowa Code 279.15 Notice of Termination — request for hearing relating to teacher contract notification/re-notification. 

The superintendent shall notify affected faculty members in writing, not later than April 30, that the superintendent will recommend in writing to the Board at a regular or special meeting of the Board, held not later than May 15, that the faculty member will be laid off or receive a reduction in hours effective at the end of the current school year. Reasons for the action will be included in the written notice. 

Whenever possible, the superintendents shall meet    requirements  of the statutory process in such a way as to allow the Board to conduct hearings at its regularly scheduled meetings.