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4.32         Evaluation  

          A.     Evaluation of Institutional Heads and Executive Director 

      1.           Institutional heads and the Executive Director will be evaluated annually between the months of June and September.  They will be provided with an opportunity to submit a self-evaluation as determined by the Board from time to time.  Other evaluation sessions may be conducted by the Board with the institutional head at any time the Board deems appropriate.  

       2.          The evaluation shall address such issues as the operations and management of the institution, effectiveness of the planning process, external relationships, and other issues selected by the Board.  

          B.    Evaluation of Institutional Officials and Other Administrators  

       1.         The institutional head is responsible for ensuring that all institutional officials and other administrators who report to the institutional head receive an annual written evaluation that reflects the individualís accomplishments relative to the goals and mission of the institution as related to the individualís areas of responsibility.  A written evaluation shall be completed at least once during each fiscal year.  Other evaluations of an individual may be conducted at the discretion of the institutional head.  

       2.          All other administrators who do not report directly to the institutional head shall receive an annual written evaluation by the administrator to whom each reports.  

           C.    It is the policy of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, that all other employees will receive a written evaluation annually from their supervisor or the person to whom they report.