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4.33                   Catastrophic Illness  

A.     Policy  

Eligible employees may donate accrued vacation leave to another eligible employee for use as sick leave during a catastrophic illness or injury.  Eligible employees are nonorganized faculty and staff who accrue vacation.  

This contribution to an employee is converted to sick leave and used for a catastrophic illness or injury when the employee has exhausted all the sick leave, vacation, converted sick leave and compensatory time to which that employee is otherwise entitled and has not yet satisfied the waiting period for long-term disability benefits.  

      B.    Definition of Catastrophic Illness or Injury  

“Catastrophic illness or injury” means an illness or injury resulting in a medical condition for which a physician has certified the condition is likely to result in a loss of 30 or more work days.  

      C.    Eligibility  

All faculty and staff who accrue vacation and are eligible for long-term disability coverage are eligible to receive donations provided that they meet the standard and provide the certification as set forth in item B. above, have exhausted all paid leave and are not receiving any other supplemental payments (e.g., worker compensation or long-term disability).  

       D.    Relationship to Policy Under Collective Bargaining Agreements  

       Nonorganized faculty and staff covered by this policy are able to contribute vacation to and to receive vacation from those covered by collective bargaining agreements, which contain reciprocal catastrophic illness policies.  

       E.    Leave can only be transferred between employees in the same Regent institution.  

       F.     Leave shall be donated in increments of one hour or more.  

       G.    Leave shall be calculated and distributed in actual hourly dollars.  

       H.    The total leave donations received by an employee shall not exceed the amount necessary to cover the long-term disability waiting period.  

       I.      Each Regent institution will develop a process by which eligible faculty and staff members may make the contributions provided in this policy.