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  4.38               Regent Employees Serving on State Committees as Regent Employees

                        All requests for employees of the Board of Regents institutions to serve on any external (non-Regent) agencies and organizations, as Regent employees, must be approved by, and coordinated through, the Board Office.  Furthermore, all such Regent employees who are appointed shall provide a brief summary of each meeting attended and each major activity undertaken.  In addition, the Board Office shall be notified of all major issues in which a position on behalf of the Regents is being advocated.  Regent employees who have been appointed to organizations as a result of their position in a Regent institution must understand that they do not represent the Board of Regents or the Regent enterprise as a whole and must refrain from stating a position on its behalf.  

Persons serving on organizations as Regent employees should make an effort to keep their counterparts (if any) in the other Regent institutions informed of important aspects of their representation and consult with them as needed.  If assistance is needed in this communication and consultation process, the Board Office may be of assistance.  

It is understood that many Regent employees serve in a personal/professional or institutional capacity on various groups and organizations and speak for themselves as experts or as representatives of their institution.  This policy does not cover such individuals; however, it must be clearly understood that they are not serving in this capacity as representatives of the Board or the Regent enterprise and that opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Board.