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Table of Contents

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Chapter 4 - Personnel

4.01  Authority of the Board

4.02  Regent Merit System of Personnel Administration

4.03  Professional and Scientific

4.04  Appointment of Presidents, Superintendents, and Executive Director

4.05  Other Board Appointments

4.06  Register of Personnel Changes

4.07  Appointment to Positions with Tenure and Other Personnel

4.08  Resignations

4.09  Professional Development Assignments

4.10  Educational Assistance Program (IBSSS and ISD)

4.11  Employment and Supervision of Immediate Family Members

4.12  Return of University Presidents to Faculty Status

4.13  Salaries

4.14  Sick Leave

4.15  Vacations

4.16  Holidays

4.17  TIAA-CREF Retirement Program

4.18  Deferred Compensation and Tax Sheltered Annuities Program

4.19  Family Medical Leave

4.20  Span of Control

4.21  Teacher Contracts (Special Schools)

4.22  Reserved

4.23  Meetings with Employees and their Organizations

4.24  Disclaimer Statement

4.25  Time Off for Grievance Investigation for Employee Representatives

4.26  Moving Expenses

4.27  Committee Membership

4.28  Changes in Insurance Benefits, Contributions, and Providers

4.29  Special Assignment, Institutional Heads

4.30  Policies on Harassment

4.31  Drug-Free Environment and Controlled Substances

4.32  Evaluation

4.33  Catastrophic Illness

4.34  Professional and Scientific Staff Policies

4.35  Phased and Early Retirement

4.36  Loss of License, Registration, or Certificate Required as a Condition of
        Employment by a Regent Institution Employee

4.37  Regent Employees Representing the Board of Regents and the Regent Enterprise

4.38  Regent Employees Serving on State Committees as Regent Employees

4.39  Conflict of Interest of Public Officers and Employees - Gifts

4.40  Conflict of Interest Policy - Duty of Loyalty

4.41  Inclement Weather

4.42  Policy on Interinstitutional Staff Sharing

4.43  Policy on Board Office Educational Assistance

4.44  Pay for Exceptional Performance

4.45  Employee Tuition Assistance Principles