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  6.21      Telecommunications (681 IAC 9.5(262))

A.    The Regent institutions shall cooperate with the Iowa Telecommunications Network by seeking opportunities for access to its various delivery systems.  Each institution shall assign the responsibility for coordinating such access to a specific agency on campus.  The Regent institutions shall collaborate, as appropriate, in research efforts and pilot projects designed to explore innovative and cost-effective ways to utilize telecommunications as an instructional tool for the benefit of education in Iowa.

B.    Each institution shall encourage its colleges and departments to consider appropriate uses for instructional applications of telecommunications and related technology, as well as to encourage its faculty, staff, and administration to consider telecommunications for the distribution and reception of educational communications as, for example, professional development seminars and workshops.

C.   Each institution's policies and procedures governing the planning and offering of courses shall apply to utilization of delivery systems available through statewide and other telecommunication networks. In such applications, each institution's colleges and departments shall retain all prescribed autonomy in the choice of subject matter content, faculty, credit, and student requirements, as well as the right to withdraw a course in the interests of accuracy and currency.

D.    Each Regent institution shall develop specific policies for implementation of the statutory requirement and the Board's general policy.