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6.24        Notification of Students on Class Content  

              For sound pedagogical reasons, a faculty member may decide to use course materials that students find objectionable.  In order for students to make knowledgeable choices about whether to take a particular course, it is the faculty memberís responsibility to inform students on the first day of class of the goals and objectives of the course, the course content, and list of readings and/or other anticipated course materials.  Learning involves students in free and open discussion of all content and issues relevant to the course.  While faculty should respect reasonable decisions by students not to attend part or all of a particular class session, students are responsible for learning class material and completing course requirements, as well as required courses for the completion of the major.  If a student chooses not to view the presentation(s) and the faculty member determines that alternative assignment(s) are not feasible, the student shall be permitted to drop the course without penalty (as an administrative drop) within seven calendar days of the class being so informed.