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6.30                  Abuse Policy at the Special Schools 

A.   Philosophy and Legal Foundations 

               Child and dependent adult abuse is inconsistent with the educational and philosophical aims of the special schools, and the schools shall take all reasonable measures to prevent such actions.  All cases where there is reasonable suspicion that a child or dependent adult who is a student at the Iowa School for the Deaf or the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School has been the victim of abuse shall be reported according to 281 IAC 102 and/or Iowa Code 232.68-70. 

                B. Identifying, Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Students by School Employees or Volunteers 

              School employees (anyone who works for pay) or volunteers, shall not commit acts of physical or sexual abuse, including inappropriate and intentional sexual behavior, toward students.  Any school employee who commits such acts is subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including discharge.  Any employee (or volunteer) who has a reasonable suspicion or who receives a report that a student or dependent adult (who is a student) has been abused physically or sexually by a school employee (or volunteer) shall report that abuse pursuant to this policy, and according to 281 IAC 102 and/or Iowa Code 232.68-70. 

Mandatory and permissive reporters are defined according to Iowa Code 232.69 and 235B.3(2).  Any employee who has reasonable belief that a child under the age of 18 or a dependent adult has been abused by a person responsible for the care of the child, as defined by law, shall report the suspected abuse verbally to the Department of Human Services (DHS) within 24 hours and follow the verbal report with a written report with 48 hours on appropriate forms. 

C. Child Abuse Reporting to the Board Office 

Allegations of abuse of students at the special schools shall be reported to the Executive Director on a timely basis.  The Executive Director shall be kept informed during the investigation of allegations of abuse of students at the special schools.  The Executive Director shall be informed of the disposition of the investigation.  The Executive Director shall keep the Board of Regents informed as appropriate. 

D.  Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Training 

All special school employees and volunteers shall be provided with training regarding their responsibilities. 

E.  Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Requirements for Employee Handbook 

Employee handbooks at the special schools shall include information about identifying, reporting, and investigating allegations of abuse of students at the special schools.