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7.10  Printing

A.      Authority

1.      The Board of Regents is authorized by statute to obtain printing services.
(HF 534, 2003 session, and Iowa Code Chapter 262)

2.      The Board delegates authority to obtain printing services to its office and institutions.

B.     Organization and Responsibilities

1.      The Board of Regents shall establish policies and maintain oversight of printing.

2.      Each Regent institution, through an institutional central printing operation, shall:

a.      Be responsible for obtaining reasonable and cost effective printing services and equipment. 

a.      Establish written policies and procedures for obtaining printing services and equipment that include usage and maintenance records, cost and volume information, purchase or lease data, and documentation for consideration of minimizing operational costs.

b.      Be custodian of the central printing records and shall maintain such records in accordance with applicable law.

C.     Definition

Printing is defined as either the reproduction of an image from a surface generally made by a contact impression that causes a transfer of ink or the reproduction of an impression/document by either a photographic process or electronic means.  Printing services are not considered professional services.

D.     Procurement of Printing Services

1.      Printing services are unique commodity items.  Each project is different and specifically produced for a given customer according to unique specifications. 

2.      While not all printing services are available at an institutionís central printing operation, it is important to have knowledgeable individuals involved in the printing procurement process. 

3.      Procurement of all printing services and related printing equipment must first be routed through the central institutional printing operation for evaluation and approval.  Institutions may grant exceptions to this policy for equipment to support individual or incidental printing. 

4.      Upon granting this approval, the central institutional printing operation shall determine whether the work is performed in-house or contracted through external providers.  When contracting through external providers, the central institutional printing operationís procurement of the printing services and equipment is to follow the normal institutional procurement processes and guidelines consistent with those defined in Section 7.06 of this Policy Manual. 

5.      When competitive bids are sought for printing services, the institutions are encouraged to request bids from the Iowa Department of Administrative Services and the Iowa Prison Industries.  

6.      Individual departments and colleges may utilize their own office copiers and printers for convenience purposes, but consideration should include total operating costs. 

E.     Cooperative Ventures

1.      The Regent institutions are encouraged to participate in interagency cooperative printing agreements to provide the lowest competitive price consistent with quality and service requirements of the Regent institutions.

2.      In lieu of obtaining bids for printing services and equipment, the institutions are authorized to obtain cost effective printing services and equipment from another Regent institution.

3.      State agencies, by prior agreement, may obtain printing services through Regent institutions providing that such services shall not jeopardize operations of the Regent institutions.

4.      Regent institutions are encouraged to participate in inter-institutional cooperatives with other universities, health care organizations, and similar affinity groups to gain better prices and choices.

F.      Reporting

The Regent institutions are to collect measurements and comparative data for evaluation of institutional printing services and submit this information to the Board Office on an annual basis.