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8.01          Board Responsibilities

The Board of Regents is responsible for establishing fees and charges at the Regent institutions, such as tuition, mandatory fees, miscellaneous charges, room and board rates for university residence systems, and parking rates.  Certain exceptions do apply.  

Each proposed increase in student charges is generally presented to the Board twice first for preliminary consideration and public notice requirements and second for final approval.  

State law (Iowa Code 262.9.18 and 681 IAC 9.6(1)) requires the Board to:  

1.      Notify the presiding officers of the student government organizations not less than thirty days prior to action to increase charges, including a copy of the related docket memorandum; and

2.      Make the final decision on tuition and mandatory fees for the next academic year at a regular meeting, which is to be held in one of the three university cities but not held during a university holiday or break.  

The Administrative Code (681 IAC 9.6(2)) requires, that if an increase is proposed from the initial amount to increase a tuition, fee, or charge is increased, the docket is to be resent to student leaders and an additional 30-day notice period is to be given prior to Board approval. 

The distribution of Board docket materials relating to the proposed increases shall be sent to the person identified by each institution as the student government president and mailed or emailed to the student government office listed in each university directory.