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8.04         Common and University/Program Specific Fees

A.      Consistency Among Universities  

The three universities are to continue to work together to establish common titles and charges for common and university/program specific fees.   

Some differences in fee titles and charges may remain because of the unique nature of some programs and services at each institution.   

B.     Institutional or College-Wide Fees  

Board approval is required for:

         All new institutional or college-wide fees.

         All institutional or college-wide fees of over $1 per semester and all departmental fees over $10 per semester.

These fees do not include course fees for payment for materials used, fees that represent returnable deposits, fees assessed for damage or breakage by individual students, and fees assessed to pay for services external to the university.   

C.     Types of Fees  

Fees are categorized as either common or university/program specific. Students pay only the fees that apply to their programs, interests, or needs.

Common and university/program specific fees are presented with the Board’s annual discussion of tuition and mandatory fees.  These fees may be brought to the Board for revision following initial adoption should the actual costs differ from the original estimates.