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8.06        University Housing  

Students may choose to live in available university residence halls, university apartments, fraternities, sororities, or off-campus housing.   

The Board encourages the directors of the university residence systems to meet regularly to exchange information and to discuss policies, practices, and procedures.  

A.      Residence System Reporting  

Prior to the approval of changes in room and board rates, the universities are to provide the following to the Board:  

·         Annual reports that provide detailed information on various aspects of the residence systems for the previous fiscal year and include the most current residence system information such as enrollments, occupancy, and financial and bonding data.  

·         Five-year plans that provide projected trends in total enrollment, housing design capacity, housing occupancy, and occupancy ratios, capital renewal plans, and financial forecasts for the next decade.   

B.     Establishment of Room and Meal Rates  

Each residence system is expected to operate its system on a revenue-producing basis, and use and apply its resources appropriately.  The maintenance of occupancy and rental rates in university housing must be consistent with the bond covenants for outstanding dormitory bonds. The covenants for bonds require the Board and the institutions to keep the facilities in good repair, working order, and operating condition.   

As part of each university’s proposal to the Board for increases in room and meal rates, the universities are required to fully explain all proposed changes to the residence system rate structures and provide a preliminary budget based on the proposed rates.