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9.04    Register of Capital Improvement Business Transactions  

A.  Each institutional submission shall carry a single agenda item for its Capital Improvement Business Transactions, as defined in this section.  

B.  Capital actions, for which approval of the Board is requested at its next meeting, shall be by means of the "Register of Capital Improvement Business Transactions" (hereafter referred to as the "Register"), with subheadings as follows: (A) Permission to Proceed with Project Planning; (B) Program Statements and Design Documents; (C) Project Descriptions and Budgets; (D) Consultant Agreements and Amendments; and (E) Construction Contracts and Change Orders to Construction Contracts. Processes related to the subheadings are included in separate sections of this chapter.  

C.  The chief business officer of each institution shall certify the Register and send it to the Board Office with agenda materials, where it shall be filed with the executive director, who shall in turn advise the Board as to its acceptability.