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9.12         Preparation of Plans and Specifications   

A.      Preparation of Plans and Specifications

1.          Plans and specifications will be prepared in compliance with good practice, state and federal law, and Board policy.

2.          Final plans and specifications shall be in compliance with the project approved by the Board and the chief business officer shall so certify to the executive director.   

B.    Liquidated Damages  

Liquidated damages clauses are to be used on those capital projects that are of extreme urgency to a university function or for a project involving income generation.   When such clauses are used, they are to be inserted as a bid alternate to determine what the additional cost of the clause may be.

C.    Requirement for Holding Bids

Universities shall provide in their instructions to bidders that all bids be held for at least 45 days to allow Board action at a regular meeting in cases of unusual circumstances. 

D.      Art in State Buildings  

1.      Requirements for the Art in State Buildings Program are included in the Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code.

2.      The Art in State Buildings Program shall apply to construction of new buildings, major renovations, or additions to existing buildings, with the exception of the facilities listed in the Iowa Code.  

3.      The dollar amount allocated for Art in State Buildings shall be at least 0.5% of the project budget and will cover the cost of selection, acquisition, shipping, installation, and any other associated costs, except professional fees as referenced in the Iowa Code.  

4.      The Regent institutions participate in the Iowa Arts Council's program with the following understanding:  

a.      The Regent institutions shall coordinate and administer the selection, purchase, and installation of art objects for each project affected by the program.  

b.      The Regent institutions shall receive, hold, and disburse the fine arts funds applicable and designated for each project.  

5.          When preparing capital appropriation requests, the Regent universities and special schools shall plan for the expense of fine arts elements in their requests.