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9.18         Procedures for Institutional Roads Projects  

A.         Projects administered by the Department of Transportation will proceed according to Department of Transportation rules and regulations after a project description and budget has been approved by the institution, Board Office, or Board according to requirements of this Manual. 

B.        Projects administered by the Board of Regents institutions will follow Board of Regents procedures as outlined in this Chapter.   

C.        On certain projects a university may be responsible for the preliminary engineering, design, administration, contract letting, construction engineering, and inspection of a programmed institutional road construction project.  The Iowa Department of Transportation shall be informed, consulted, and shall concur in the various phases of the project as determined by a formal agreement between the Board and the Iowa Department of Transportation.   The Iowa Department of Transportation shall reimburse the university for the actual construction and design costs of such a programmed project, as prescribed and expressed in the formal agreement.   

D.        The Iowa Department of Transportation shall enter into annual maintenance agreements with Board of Regent institutions.  Agreements shall set out institutional road mileage to be maintained by each institution and shall specify in detail the routine maintenance categories for which each institution shall be reimbursed monthly for maintenance costs incurred in the preceding month.  Such agreements shall be effective the first day of January each year.