FY 2010 Highlights
Click to view our brochure: The FY 2010 Highlights brochure summarizes important information from the Board of Regents Annual Report, including:

  • Appropriation reductions to Iowa’s Public Universities, in FY 2010 and over previous decades, and the corresponding increase in tuition rates.
  • The Board’s efforts to support Access, Affordability and Student Success, a key priority of the Board of Regents 2010 – 2016 Strategic Plan.
  • The Board’s legislative priorities for FY 2012.
  • The significant economic impact of Iowa’s Public Universities on the State of Iowa.
  • Enrollment at Iowa’s Public Universities by each county in Iowa.
  • The important impact of our many partnerships with Iowa’s community colleges.
  • Our world-class campus facilities and flood recovery efforts.

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