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A key priority of the Board of Regents 2010-2016 Strategic Plan is Access, Affordability, and Student Success, which acknowledges cost of attendance, ability to pay, and availability of financial aid as significant factors in a student’s ability to attend Iowa’s Public Universities. An important and closely related Regents goal is ensuring that all Iowans qualified to attend Iowa’s Public Universities are able to do so, regardless of financial circumstances.

The Board of Regents is proud of its ability to manage the FY 2010 financial crisis with a moderate 6% tuition increase for Iowa’s students.

The Board of Regents has invested much time and effort in addressing the complexities that impact access and affordability. In 2008, in response to concerns over high student debt loads, the Regents launched a comprehensive review of access and affordability at Iowa’s Public Universities, creating the Access and Affordability Advisory Committee. The Committee assists the Board in ensuring admission for all qualified Iowans to Iowa’s Public Universities.

FY 2010 Tuition and Mandatory Fee Comparisons

Actual Cost Average of Peers Net Difference- Actual to Peer Average
SUI $6,824 $9,151 ($2,327) -25.40%
ISU $6,651 $9,025 ($2,374) -26.30%
UNI $6,636 $7,783 ($1,147) -14.70%

In response to the financial crisis in FY 2010, the Board of Regents worked hard to minimize tuition increases to Iowa students and their families. The Board’s action in February 2010 to hold FY 2011 tuition rates to a moderate increase of 6% resulted in total tuition and mandatory fees ranging from $6,636 to $6,824 for the 2010-2011 academic year, which is well below the peer group average for each of Iowa’s Public Universities.

We must ensure that all Iowans who are qualified to attend Iowa’s Public Universities are able to do so, regardless of financial circumstances.

Also in February 2010, following a recommendation of the Access and Affordability Advisory Committee, the Board emphasized need-based and merit-based scholarships as top priorities for University fund raising efforts, further reinforcing commitment to access and affordability.  This initiative alone will provide a great benefit to low-income students and their families.

However, our ability to enhance Access, Affordability, and Student Success, particularly by keeping tuition increases low, is highly dependent on establishing appropriate and predictable levels of critical State funding.

The Board of Regents and Iowa’s Public Universities are committed to improving access and affordability for Iowa’s students, especially during difficult financial times.

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