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  • Our efforts to support Access, Affordability, and Student Success are keeping enrollments strong.

Student enrollment at Iowa’s Public Universities has been historically consistent and strong, a reflection of our universities’ quality instructional programs, student opportunities, and economic value. FY 2010 was no exception. Despite the financial crisis, the universities reported a total near-record enrollment of 71,353 students—48,242 Iowans among them—in fall 2009, an increase of more than 1,000 students from the previous year. This growth further reinforces our outstanding quality and value.

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Note: Enrollment in Iowa’s Public Universities remained strong in the fall of 2010, increasing to a new record of 72,708 students. See “FY 2010 Highlights” in this Annual Report to view fall 2010 state enrollment by county.

The financial crisis highlighted the need for additional efforts to keep future enrollments strong. The Board of Regents and Iowa’s Public Universities made concern for students, their families, and their continued access to education at Iowa’s Public Universities a top priority.

These concerns guided key decisions in FY 2010, particularly with respect to limiting tuition increases and increasing student financial aid in support of Access, Affordability, and Student Success. These actions provide critical support for our students’ financial needs and for the Board’s goal of ensuring that all Iowans qualified to attend Iowa’s Public Universities are able to do so. Further, these actions should contribute to ongoing strong future enrollments, both short-term and long-term.

In a state where population growth has been stagnant for decades, higher education in Iowa ranks third in the country in the net import of college students.  Iowa’s Public Universities are quickly becoming education destinations for students across the U.S. and around the world.  In fall 2010, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University each reported their largest enrollments of nonresident and international students – more than 10,400 nonresident and 2,800 international students at the University of Iowa, and more than 6,900 nonresident and 3,300 international students at Iowa State University.  The two categories combined reached a record percentage of each school’s total enrollment – 42.9% at the University of Iowa, and 35.7% at Iowa State University.

Our ability to attract a growing number of students from other states and from other countries greatly enriches the educational experience for all of our students. This is particularly of benefit for Iowans, as we continue our commitment to enroll all Iowa students qualified for admission.

Partnerships with Community Colleges

The Board of Regents strong dedication to the State of Iowa and its citizens is well illustrated by ongoing collaboration with the State’s community colleges. Partnership programs between the 15 community colleges and Iowa’s Public Universities establish early connections with community college students who anticipate transferring to one of the Universities, increasing students’ opportunities to obtain baccalaureate degrees in a timely and cost-effective manner. More than 1,000 individual agreements under these partnerships contribute to the annual transfer of more than 10,000 community college credits to Iowa’s Public Universities.

A number of important resources support these partnerships. The articulation web site,, provides a one-stop resource for the transfer of credits from Iowa’s community colleges to Iowa’s Public Universities. In addition, each University has specific programs dedicated to connecting community college students with University advisors, well ahead of their transfer to Iowa’s Public Universities, to determine the necessary coursework for University admission and the timely completion of their undergraduate degree.

Iowa’s Public Universities continually seek opportunities to expand their partnerships with Iowa’s community colleges for the benefit of Iowans. This was especially true in FY 2010 as each University made significant additions that will further connect Iowans throughout the state with Iowa’s Public Universities.

The State’s community colleges and Iowa’s Public Universities each serve specific needs for our students, and our partnerships strengthen all of our institutions and the collective resources we offer, thereby enhancing our service to Iowans. We work together to meet Iowa’s education and training needs, especially in times of greatest need. Attaining an affordable college degree has become much more challenging for all Iowans, but a college degree is increasingly critical in an evolving job market. Our ability to provide Iowans with opportunities to complete an undergraduate degree is vital to securing Iowa’s overall economic future.

The Board of Regents looks forward to building even stronger partnerships with Iowa’s community colleges for the benefit of all Iowa students.

The web site provides a one-stop resource for planning the transfer of credits from Iowa’s community college to Iowa’s Public Universities

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