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  • Our world-class facilities support our high quality teaching, research and service functions that benefit our students and all Iowans.

Iowa’s Public Universities are making significant investments in the future of their campuses and in high quality instructional, research and service programs through continued development of world-class facilities. This includes several projects under way or completed in FY 2010, all of which received a portion of their funding from the State – through direct State appropriations, IJOBS bonds, or authorization for issuing Academic Building Revenue Bonds. This critical State funding made the facilities possible and leveraged other essential funding sources.

Public Health

The College of Public Health Academic Building at the University of Iowa will foster critical interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration in public health studies, promote greater faculty and student interaction, and serve as a place where statewide and national public health organizations can gather to share research, knowledge, and best practices to advance the field and benefit the health of the public.

Hach Hall

Hach Hall, the new home for the ISU Department of Chemistry, will enhance faculty and student recruitment and retention with advanced classrooms, laboratories, and technology. It will improve the undergraduate chemistry learning experience and facilitate cutting-edge science, enhancing the University’s competitive position in education and research.

Sabin Hall

The Sabin Hall renovation for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at UNI will provide students with advanced classrooms and computer labs.


In May 2010, the new State Hygienic Laboratory facility, which houses Iowa’s public health and environmental testing laboratory, was dedicated at the University of Iowa Research Park Campus. The research and testing facility, which replaces a circa-1917 building, is highly equipped to meet current and future health and safety needs for Iowa and the nation.


Art Flood

The University of Iowa continued its campus renewal efforts following the devastating flood of 2008. Projects included recovery work in the lower level of the Iowa Memorial Union, ongoing infrastructure improvements, and other mitigation measures to better protect against future floods. Most notably, the University continued planning for Arts Campus restoration, particularly the rebuilding of Hancher Auditorium and the School of Music facilities. The University’s partnerships with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Iowa City community have been invaluable to the rebuilding process.

Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools continued efforts to address deferred maintenance needs on their campuses. The amount of deferred maintenance reported in fall 2009 totaled $509.0 million, or $14.5 million (2.9%) higher than the fall 2008 level of $494.5 million. However, new or ongoing projects planned for FY 2010 to correct deferred maintenance deficiencies totaled $26.3 million.

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