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Executive Director Robert Donley

The staff to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, led by Executive Director Robert Donley, provides a critical link for the Board of Regents to the Governor’s Office, Iowa legislature, Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools (including students, faculty and staff), Iowa citizens, other Iowa education agencies, and national educational organizations, among others. The units of the Board of Regents Office represent the key oversight areas of the Board, as well as the major functions of the more than $4 billion enterprise that is Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools.

Business Operations/Budget

Patrice M. Sayre, Chief Business Officer
Brad Berg, Policy and Operations Officer
Jean Friedrich, Policy and Operations Analyst
Andrea Anania, Policy and Operations Analyst

Academic Affairs

Diana Gonzalez, Chief Academic Officer

Capital Projects/Facilities Management

Joan Racki, Policy and Operations Officer

State Relations

Keith Saunders, State Relations Officer
Joe Murphy, State Relations Officer
Ann McCarthy, State Relations Officer

Human Resources/Legal

Thomas A. Evans, Jr., General Counsel
Marcia Brunson, Policy and Operations Officer
Timothy Cook, Policy and Operations Officer/Associate Counsel
Aimee Clayton, Assistant Counsel

Internal Audit

Todd Stewart, Internal Audit Director


Sheila Doyle Koppin, Communications Director

Information Technology

Dianne Smith, Information Technology Specialist


Chris Schnell, Accounting Technical Specialist

Administrative Support

Ilene Tuttle, Executive Assistant
Laura Dickson, Senior Administrative Assistant

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