…In Our People

  • Our extraordinary students, faculty, and staff define our excellence.

The Board of Regents salutes the tens of thousands of individuals who make up the communities of Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools. In FY 2010, their contributions, sacrifices, and extraordinary support were invaluable in preserving our high-quality programs and operations, and serving Iowa and its citizens.


The 71,353 students who attended Iowa’s Public Universities in FY 2010 come from across the state, throughout the U.S., and around the world to pursue an outstanding, world-class education. Our highly diverse student population provides an environment that exemplifies and supports the importance of learning in a global economy.

Our students are accomplished individuals who represent the best of Iowa, the nation, and the world. They are well prepared to be challenged and to succeed.

Faculty and Staff

We are very fortunate to have attracted approximately 4,600 outstanding faculty to Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools. They are the heart of the learning experience we provide for all of our students.

Our University faculty members are recognized experts in diverse fields of study, actively engaged in the pursuit of new knowledge through scholarship and research. They earn major research grants that benefit the Universities and the State, and routinely achieve top honors from selective and prestigious associations.

The faculty at the Iowa School for the Deaf and Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School are highly trained and highly specialized in the educational needs of K-12 students who are deaf or hard of hearing, or blind or visually impaired.

Our 20,000 staff members are the operational lifeblood of Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools, administering the quality programs and facilities that support our educational, research and service initiatives for Iowans.

Our 18,000 student employees work side by side with faculty and staff and receive hands-on experience in University operations, which can serve as an important supplement to their academic experience.

The impact of the financial crisis on faculty and staff in FY 2010 was significant. It included layoffs, position eliminations, salary reductions, the elimination of wage increases, mandatory unpaid and furlough days, and reductions in retirement benefits. The Board of Regents is grateful for the sacrifices of our faculty and staff, and the work of our employee unions – AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees), COGS (Council of Graduate Students), SEIU (Service Employees International Union), and United Faculty at UNI – in their effective response on behalf of Iowa and its citizens.

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