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Letters to Iowans | Board of Regents Annual Report 2011

Letters to Iowans Letters to Iowans

Craig A. Lang, President

Bruce L. Rastetter, President Pro Tem

To the Citizens of Iowa:

We are pleased to present the Board of Regents FY 2011 Annual Report.  This report features the progress and accomplishments of Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools in FY 2011, the first year of implementation of the Board’s 2010-2016 Strategic Plan, which was presented to the Board in October 2011 (see the full Strategic Plan report at the following link –  Full Strategic Plan Report)

The Annual Report serves as an accountability measure to Iowans on the eight important goals of the Board’s Strategic Plan which relate to affordability, economic development, efficiencies, distance education, graduation rates, minority enrollment, the Special Schools, and student outcomes assessments.  In doing so, the Annual Report demonstrates the numerous contributions and positive impact of Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools in many areas of importance to the state including the strengthening of the Iowa economy and workforce, the education of our future teachers, and the promotion of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) initiatives, among others.

In addition to highlighting our accomplishments in FY 2011, the Annual Report looks forward at new and ongoing initiatives in the current year and beyond that will further enhance the many benefits of Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools to the state of Iowa and its citizens.  We look forward to the exciting accomplishments that lie ahead for Iowa’s Public Universities and Special Schools and for the state of Iowa.


Craig A. Lang, President        Bruce L. Rastetter, President Pro Tem