Affordability Affordability

Iowa’s Public Universities shall be affordable to all academically qualified
Iowa residents

“The Board of Regents goal of affordability for all Iowans is critical to supporting the education of Iowa’s workforce of tomorrow.”
  • President Craig Lang

The Board of Regents is committed to improving the access and affordability of Iowa’s Public Universities, particularly for all Iowans.

In response to state funding reductions, Iowa’s Public Universities have realigned university resources in support of a sustainable reinvestment with an enhanced student focus. This includes strengthened student support through increases in student financial aid – scholarships funded by dollars set aside from total gross tuition proceeds and an essential element for attracting high achieving students and providing an affordable education.

For FY 2011, Iowa’s Public Universities set a goal of $33.2 million in gross tuition proceeds to set aside for undergraduate student financial aid specifically for Iowa residents with need. The universities exceeded this goal by $1.8 million. These dollars represent one component of the universities’ total undergraduate tuition set-aside program, which exceeded $100 million in FY 2011 and provided nearly 33,700 undergraduate scholarships.

Iowa’s Public Universities are committed to continuing their response to the need for increased support for scholarship dollars, particularly for Iowa students.

Student Lucy Sanchez, Marshalltown, Iowa

For Lucy Sanchez, studying at the University of Iowa is the realization of a family dream.

“I’m a first-generation college student,” says the junior chemistry major from Marshalltown, Iowa. “It was always my dad’s dream for me to be able to attend college, but I didn’t know how we were going to pay for it.”

A full-tuition Advantage Iowa scholarship made the dream possible. The award draws students who contribute to a diverse learning environment, taking into account race and ethnic background, socioeconomic factors, first-generation student status, and other criteria.

“I want to be a role model for my younger brothers, so they know that a college education is possible,” Sanchez says. “It’s not out of reach.”

ISU Student Tiffani Nguyen, Sioux City, Iowa

Tiffany Nguyen, born in Vietnam and raised in Sioux City, Iowa, is the first in her family to attend a U.S. university. Nguyen, an open option student prior to declaring her major in sociology, has received multiple scholarships at ISU including the Boyd and Mari Burnison Scholarship which is awarded to worthy students who need time to become familiar with the University’s many academic majors and to refine their personal goals before declaring a major.

“These scholarships reinforce all the hard work I’ve put into getting my degree,” she said. “Knowing that these scholarship committees chose to support my educational goals helps me regain confidence in myself not only as a student, but also as an individual.”

UNI student Kendra Willey, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Marketing major Kendra Willey is a recipient of the UNI Scholarship for Social Engagement which funds her internship with the Waterloo office of Big Brothers Big Sisters, a nationwide organization that mentors children ages 6 through 18.

The Scholarship for Social Engagement funds student internships for UNI business majors wishing to gain valuable work experience in the nonprofit business sector. Since nonprofit internships are typically without pay and therefore are often overlooked by students, the scholarship removes this financial barrier by paying students an hourly wage consistent with comparable business internships with for-profit companies.

“This internship experience has shown me how I can use my business skills to further the mission of a nonprofit organization while positively impacting my community,” said Willey.

“The scholarship has truly been a blessing,” continued Willey. “There are wonderful nonprofit organizations that rely on interns to help complete projects and in the process offer invaluable experience. Passing up an opportunity like this would be passing up the opportunity of a lifetime.”